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Em’s Power Cookies is an all-natural energy bar company, made in New Zealand. Low-GI and free from preservatives, colouring and other nasties, Em’s cookies, bars and bites make great snacks for athletes and busy people. The products are all developed by Emily “Em” Miazga, a nutritionist, sports dietician and adventure racer.

Ems Bars are healthy and tasty snacks that are perfect for sports nutrition. Made from natural ingredients, they’re easy to eat and digest while under exertional stress.

These cookie bars are a great source of fibre and a source of protein and cardio-protective healthy fats, with natural sugars and no preservatives. They ensure sustained energy release and blood sugar levels for energy that lasts.

4 Great Flavours

Apricot Chocolate Bar – Packed with zesty apricots, real dark chocolate, crushed almonds and dates, the Apri-Choc Attack Bar is lower in fat than the other bars and made with sunflower oil and no butter. Contains gluten.

Chocolate Cranberry Bar has a sweet flavour thanks to its dates, cranberries, apricots, almonds, and coconut ingredients. Made with sunflower oil and no butter, this bar is moist and easy to eat.

Oat Chocolate Bar  – This compact version of the Original Sports Cookie has 40% less brown sugar and is made with sunflower oil and no butter. Its natural sugars are derived from raisins, coconut and natural yoghurt.

Peanut Chocolate Bar – Made with crushed peanuts and sweetened with honey and rice syrup with no added sucrose, the Peanut Chocolate Bomb is wheat-free and has only traces of dairy (from the dark chocolate).

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