Magicshine Windbreaker Cycling Glasses – Classic


Magicshine Windbreaker Cycling Glasses – Classic

Colours: Black and Classic Lake Placid

WINDBREAKER, MAGICSHINE’s first amazing, professional cycling sunglasses series with extraordinary optical clarity, is tailored for professional cycling and daily commuting activities. This whole series features an ultralight frameless design for a stylish, sporty look, with a wraparound PC shield lens that provides complete eye protection and an expanded field of view, so you can stay focused on the road ahead.
The 4 vents on the lens with the ones placed on temples can quickly enhance air circulation to avoid fogging and reduce wind resistance while you’re cycling, ensuring your vision is always at its best. Stress-resistant frame, made of TR90 and TPR materials, is built to withstand shifting or deforming over time. Ultra-grip rubber nosepiece and temple tips provide a secure fit and optimum comfort no matter how much you sweat or how intense your action is.
Developed with the ethos of reducing weight and adding style, plus putting performance and cycling needs first, WINDBREAKER is divided into classic models, photochromic models, and polarized models according to the different lenses and technologies it uses.
Classic models boast impact-resistant lenses for 100% UV protection, with the front REVO coating to restore the original color, enhance contrast and provide visual clarity, and the back OAR coating for an optimum anti-glare experience. Plus, the smudge-resistant coating on both sides keeps dirt, and oil off your lenses for extra protection
and carefree lens maintenance.
Photochromic models adopt photochromic lenses that the lens tint can change with the light condition from cat.1 to cat.3, effectively preventing your eyes from strong sunlight, UV rays, and glare light, plus support all-weather use.
Polarized models use professional PC polarized lenses to improve contrast, increase clarity and eliminate glare, so you can see more details. Additional REVO coating on the front of the lens and OAR high-transparency coating on the back, give double anti-glare effects for any professional athletic endeavor, especially under the scorching sun. The
added same smudge-resistant coating on both sides keeps the lenses free from blemishes that affect vision, giving ultimate visibility everywhere from the city to the trail.

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