Tifosi Rail Sunglasses


Tifosi Rail Sunglasses

Colours:  Matte Black Clarion Red Fototec, Matte Black Clarion Blue Fototec, Crystal Blue Interchange, Blackout Interchange, Midnight Navy Interchange, and White/Black Interchange.

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Elevate your cycling and baseball experience with Rail sunglasses—meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of both cyclists and baseball players. Discover the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and performance.

Innovative Rimless Frame For Enhanced Coverage
Rail features an innovative, oversized rimless frame that provides increased coverage and protection for your eyes. The shatterproof lenses ensure long-term protection, making Rail a durable choice for both cycling and baseball activities.

Lightweight Comfort For Uninterrupted Performance
Designed to be lightweight and comfortable at only 32 grams, Rail allows you to focus on your sport without distractions. The rimless shield frame not only enhances protection from debris but also ensures maximum airflow. Stay cool and comfortable, whether you’re on your bike or in the midst of a baseball game.

Tailor-Made For Cyclists And Baseball Players
At Tifosi, we recognize the unique needs of cyclists and baseball players. Rail is crafted with the latest technology and materials, providing the ultimate in comfort, style, and functionality. Whether you’re a professional athlete or enjoy cycling or baseball for fun, Rail is the ideal choice for you.

Invest In Your Performance And Safety
Invest in Rail glasses today and experience the transformative difference they bring to your performance and safety in both cycling and baseball activities. With superior quality and design, rest assured that Rail stands as the pinnacle of eyewear for these sports.

Confidence In Every Stride And Swing
With Rail, you gain not just glasses but a partner in your cycling and baseball journey. Trust in the quality, design, and performance that Rail brings to every stride on the cycling path and every swing on the baseball field. Elevate your game with Rail.


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