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  • $19.00

    Zefal ZB Wash Brush

    Brush for cleaning the bike

    In nylon, the ZB Wash allows an efficient and safe cleaning of the bike: frame, fork, wheels… Its oval shape is designed to access all bike parts. Use the Zéfal Bike Wash to ensure optimal results.

  • $8.00

    Chepark Bicycle Care Cleaning Sponge – expanding microcel sponge

    The vacuum-packed expansion sponge can effectively reduce the packaging space. Please tear the package and put it in the water, will return to its original size shortly. The sponge are very safe and quick to clean the dirt and mud on the surface of the bicycle and will not scratch the surface.

  • $20.00

    Morgan Blue Bike Cleaning Glove

    Cleaning Glove

    The Cleaning Glove is a must-have bike cleaning tool that protects your hands from grease and grime whilst cleaning your bike.

    Use the cleaning glove for easy and fast cleaning of your bike, without scratching the frame.

  • $16.00

    Morgan Blue Cassette Brush

    The cassette brush is made for cleaning of the sprocket. Use Morgan Blue Chaincleaner or Mud Off for efficient cleaning.

  • $20.00

    Morgan Blue Chain Brush

    Chain Brush

    The chain brush is made for degreasing and cleaning the chain. Use Morgan Blue Chain Cleaner for the best result possible.

    Designed for cleaning chains.

  • $20.00

    Morgan Blue Wheel Brush

    Wheel Brush

    A soft-to-medium bristled brush to aid you in cleaning your wheels from brake dust and winter grime.

  • $25.00

    Icetoolz Chain Scrubber

    • 20 brushes with exclusive 4-sided scrubber system cleans your chain spotlessly.
    • Strap added to allow it to hang on the seat stay while in use for more efficient cleaning.
    • Includes one spare sponge.
  • $55.00

    PEDRO’S Chain Pig Chain Cleaner (Hand Free)

    Pro-grade brushes and super absorbent sponge eat chain grime for breakfast, and are always hungry for more.
    Surgically enhanced with stainless steel hardware and body sculpting ready for epic drivetrain battles.
    Innovative quick-lock closure and drag-free derailleur hook for easy use and hands-free operation.
    Lean and mean, this hog requires only 1oz of degreaser.


  • $55.00

    BBB Bright and Fresh Chain Cleaning Device

    Keep your chain super clean without dirty hands and grease all over the place. The Bright & Fresh does the job for you. Easily place the Bright & Fresh with some water and soap over your chain and let your pedals spin. Your chain will come out super clean and shiny. Done in seconds and cleaner than ever!