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  • $160.00

    Super B Professional Bike Stand

    Quick release lever and 360˚ rotation allows the bike to be positioned at any angle.
    Tools tray.
    Wide tripod base designed for superior stability.

  • $9.00

    Pedros Tyre Levers

    • Award winning and universally loved.
    • Molded box construction and proprietary plastic blend makes these the strongest levers available.
    • Chisel tip shape is easy to insert beneath the bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the tire lever from slipping.
    • Bold shape makes it easy to remove the tightest of tires without bending or breaking.

    The tyre lever, though seemingly one of the simplest and most basic of cycling tools, is one commonly used by almost every cyclist, and unfortunately, one often responsible for unnecessary frustration. Really, what is more fun than flatting far away from home, being thrilled you lugged that spare tube and pump, and then having your tire levers snap in two? Pedro’s award winning, universally loved tire levers feature molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them the strongest levers available. The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place. Additionally, the bold shape of the lever and helpful dual spoke hooks makes removal of even the tightest tires a simple task. Bright colors make them easy to spot in the shop or in the woods so you don’t lose them. As long as your riding buddies don’t steal them from you, we are confident the Pedro’s Tyre Levers will be the last levers you buy. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. You will love them! If you ever, somehow, manage to use your gorilla strength to break them, our levers are back by Pedro’s lifetime warranty, and we will happily replace them for you.

  • $6.00

    Bontrager Tyre Lever

    Faster flat repairs and easier tyre swaps

    Take some of the frustration out of flat repair with a pair of anatomically shaped, robust tyre levers from Bontrager.


    Product details

    1. Angled tip slides easily under tight beads
    2. Safe for Tubeless tyres
    3. Stackable levers snap together for storage in saddle bags
    4. Longer handle provides plenty of leverage
  • $159.00

    TorqueSet Torque set

    The perfect tool for every workshop

    The TorqueSet is the perfect tool to upgrade your workshop. The TorqueSet provides all the important keys you need to work on your bike. The special click-mechanism gives you a precise adjustment of the torque and prevents you from tightening a bolt too loose or too tight. So, the perfect tool to keep your bike in top condition.

    Torque tool with 1/4″ drive adjustable with increments of 0.5 Nm

    Click-mechanism to indicate when torque setting is reached

    Individually calibrated by computer

    Protection case included


  • $50.00

    TurnTable 11 Sprocket tool

    Get some grip on your cassette

    Loosening your sprocket can be a tough job. The TurnTable 11 gives you some grip on the job. Use the TurnTable 11 together with your favourite sprocket plug tool and you can take off every sprocket.

    Effectively holds the sprockets when removing the cassette lock-ring

    Also removes freewheel sprockets

    7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed compatible

  • $69.00

    Cut out the trouble

    When you working on your gears it is very important to have the right tools with you. The FastCut is one of those tools you have to keep close. Easily cuts all your gear and brake cables due to the super sharp and strong blades. Finish the job with crimping the cable ends with the extra feature on the FastCut. The perfect tool for all your gear jobs.

    Ultra-Sharp Blades cut bike cables effortlessly.
    Industrial grade hardened steel. – BTL-16

  • $30.00

    PowerPull Bottom Bracket tool

    Crank puller for Octalink, ISIS Drive and Square tapered bottom brackets.

    It can be pretty hard to separate the bottom bracket and the crank from each other. The PowerPull gives you the power to pull. With an evenly divided force the PowerPull makes the job much easier and will prevent damage to your crank, bottom bracket or frame.

    Separates the crank from the bike’s bottom bracket

    Due to the removable cap the puller can be used on ISIS, Octalink en Square tapered spindles

    Without the cap the tool can be used on Squared tapered spindles

    With the cap the tool can be used on ISIS and Octalink spindles

  • $16.00

    Turner II Spoke wrench

    Turn your wheel back to new

    This classic has done a great job for many years. It is still a great tool to straighten your wheel. The CrMo material is strong and durable to make sure this one will last as long as this tool is used!

    Compact CrMo spoke wrench

    Compact CrMo spoke wrench.
    For spoke diameters: 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 and 4.0mm (0.127, 0.130, 0.136 and 0.156).

    Part Number: 2977451502
    Barcode: 8716683041279
    Product Code: BTL-15

  • $40.00

    Nautilus II Chain rivet tool

    Easy-to-use high-end chain tool

    Maintaining your chain is an important part of your bike maintainance. The Nautilus II can help you with that. This chain rivet tool is super strong and can be used on every chain. The integrated chain hook will help you keep the tension off the links you are working on to make the job a bit easier. The must-have tool for every toolbox.

    Can be adjusted to any chainsize

    With kraton handle for a firm and comfortable grip

    Integrated chain hook holds links during assembly