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  • $69.00

    BBB Samurai Mini Pump

    Double the air, double the power
    A minipump is small, gives you high pressure, but low volume. Or when it extends longer, it gives you a high volume, but low pressure. The Samurai has the best of both. With its special double barrel system you can have a big volume by using both barrels, and for the last bit, to really harden your tire, you lock one of the barrels, and you go on under high pressure. Pump up your tire real hard and provide yourself with some comfort while doing.

    Mounting bracket

    With a mounting bracket to firmly mount the pump on your bicycle

    Valve cover

    Valve cover helps you to keep you valve clean


    Telescopic, lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum mini pump with extractable hose

    Dual function

    Dual function, high volume and high pressure





  • $59.00

    BBB Co2 Blaster Mini Pump

    Inflate your tire in seconds
    A minipump and Co2 inflator in one, the Co2 Blaster has it all! Do you want to pump up your tire just a little bit, or feeling strong today, just use the pump and don’t waste your cartridge. Are you in a hurry or just don’t feel like it, use the cartridge and be back on track in a few seconds. It’s all up to you, but we got your back!
    • CO2 cartridge inflator and slim, elegant and lightweight aluminium mini pump combined
    • Simple and safe operation
    • 16 gram cartridge and protective cover included


  • $39.00

    BBB WindGun S Mini Pump

    Lightweight mini pump with pressure gauge that displays bar and psi
    Nobody likes flat tires. But sadly it happens once in a while. Let’s make those moment at least as comfortable as possible by having an easy to use minipump. The Windgun S makes your life a bit easier during one these moments. The Dualhead fits all valves and due to the metal shaft you can put enough pressure to inflate your tire to continue your ride without any problems. Make sure your pressure is right with the integrated pressure gauge and off you go!
    • Lightweight 6061 T6 aluminium barrel
    • The integrated pressure gauge displays both bar and psi
    • Aluminium shaft provides fast high-volume pumping
  • $65.00

    BBB AirBoost Floor Pump

    The steel barrel of the AirBoost gives you the power you need to pump your tires up easy and fast. The AirBoost is one of our best pumps due to the great balance between power, accuracy and ease of use. The AirBoost is available in four different color combinations to make sure there is always one you like. Give your workshop a boost with the AirBoost!

    • Compact floor pump
    • Accurate 2 Inch pressure gauge with indicator displays both bar and psi
    • Steel barrel and strong and stable composite base
    • Ergonomic “boomerang” type handle, natural pumping position for increased pumping power
    • Dualhead 3.0 pumphead with thumblock lever
    • 90 cm high pressure rubber hose


  • QBP Floor Pump AIR ELITE Digital Track Pump

    QBP AIR ELITE DIGITAL TRACK PUMP – Alloy Barrel, Handle, Shaft & Base, High Pressure Head – Digitial LED Screen & Smart Head