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  • $89.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light SeeMee 200 V2 Brake & Ambient Light Sensor Bike Light

    The SEEMEE 200 V2.0 is the brand-new upgraded version of the previous SEEMEE 200 and one of the most powerful taillights on the market.

    It is a very potent and eye-catching tail light with a neat cube design, the maximum output can be reached up to 200 lumens.

    It features not one but two lenses: a main light and another beneath, which we call the ‘tracing light’. It projects a 360-degree arc of red light down to the road, to tremendously increase warning efficiency.

    Thanks to the translucent case design, the main lens casts a 260-degree arc, which should avoid stealth moments when turning.

    We have redesigned our proven SEEMEE 200 completely. The lighting modes have been reduced from 8 to 5, and the operation is even simpler. Press and hold the switch to turn on/off, click to select different brightness and modes. No more double-click operation.

    Have you ever wanted to ride with friends for a long time by using SEEMEE 200? The SEEMEE 200 V2.0 makes it possible. We have added a group ride flash mode in this new version, which only emits 10 lumens and provides 50 hours long runtime. In addition to this, we also redefine the smart mode. Now you can use the maximum output of 200 lumens during the daytime, which greatly improves the safety of daytime riding.

    200 lumens maximum output, 360 ° tracing light, motion sensor, brightness sensor, IPX6, much simpler operation and longer runtime, the SEEMEE 200 V2.0 is one of the best tail lights in the world.


    • MAX Lumens: 200 Lumens
    • LED: COB/SMD
    • Visibility Angle: 360°
    • Visibility Range: 1500 m
    • Battery: 3.7V 1,000mAh
    • Charging Time: 1.5 Hrs (5V,1A)
    • Burning Time: 3.7-5 Hrs
    • Waterproof: IPX 6
    • Weight: 39g
    • Dimensions: 32*28*43mm

    Brake Sensor
    The brake sensor triggers on a sudden change in movement pattern, such as brakes or quick turns. The brake light generates a 3 second steady beam of 200 lumens. When the light is off, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to enable/disable the brake sensor function. Constant light after 5 sec = sensor ON, flashing light after 5 sec = sensor OFF.

    Mounting Options
    Included are 1x adjustable length silicon strap, a seat post mount and 1x ziptie. Please note: with the exception of Seemee 20 and 30, all models in the Seemee series use the same proprietary quad lock style mounting mechanism

  • $79.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light SeeMee180 Brake & Ambient Light Sensor Bike Light

    Similar to the SeeMe 100, the SeeMe 180 is a powerful bike tail light for road, urban and mountain bikers, with wide angle visibility, low power flash mode and a brake sensor, on brake the flash output is 180 lumens, higher than that of SeeMe 100 at 100 lumens.

    Our SeeMe 180 tail light with 3 constant modes and 3 flash modes adds style to your bicycle and increases visibility to others. This rear light automatically changes to the economic flash mode when the battery is less than 5% and runs up to 20 minutes before switching off.

    Featured with 180 lumens, our bicycle tail light will let others know about you as it allows you to be seen from up to 2000 meters. The 260-degree lighting visibility of our light gives you all-around protection and the USB rechargeable battery makes sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time.

    Take your ride in the rain without any second thoughts as our rear light is completely waterproof. The IPX6 water resistance rating protects against the water entering into the light. Enjoy your ride even in a rainy climate by installing this powerful tail light.

    Our bicycle rear light has a built-in advanced sensor that automatically adjusts to the environmental changes. This sensor turns on the rear light when you hit the brakes and will last for 3 seconds!

    Our SeeMee 180 tail light can easily be mounted under the saddle or different seat posts, making sure it fits all models of cycles.

  • $75.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light SeeMee 150 Brake & Ambient Light Sensor Bike Light

    The SEEMEE 150 TL is an intelligent tail light that offers smart integrated sensors and enough brightness for both daytime or nighttime riding. It uses transparent optical filters to spread the beam 260 degrees, the maximum output can be reached up to 150 lumens. It has an integrated motion sensor, which reacts immediately and makes the tail light brighter when you hit the brakes, provides additional safety. It also features an ambient light sensor.

    When switched to the smart mode, it will switch between daytime to night time modes automatically. It is super simple to operate. A long press of the switch will turn the light on and off, and a short press will cycle through the modes. The seat post mount consists of a Garmin-type head, which the light clicks into securely, suitable for seat posts 22-35 mm diameter.

    There is also a saddle rail clip for those wanting a really sleek bike-mounted option.

    With the convenient Micro-USB port, charging is very straightforward and takes 1 hour to fully charge. And its IPX6 rating for weatherproofing is reassuring.

  • $65.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light – SeeMee 60 – Brake Sensor Bike Light

    Seemee 60 has internal brake sensor. A sleep mode is triggered after one minute of inaction to save power, and vibration will immediately re-activate the unit.
    MAX OUTPUT: 60 Lumen
    BATTERY: 3.7V 500mAh
    WEIGHT: 34g

  • $35.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light – SeeMee 30 Bike Light

    Magicshine new bike tail light, Seemee 30, comes in a front/rear combo kit or a standalone tail light. Small, light weight and very wide visibility angle.

    • 30 lumens max, 230 degrees visibility
    • Ambient light sensor adjusts light mode for optimized visibility
    • Low battery mode: Power saving flash mode triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
    • 1 constant and 3 flash modes, 3 brightness modes
    • 2 hours runtime on highest brightness constant mode
    • 24 g in weight
    • USB rechargeable
    • O-ring mount
  • $30.00

    MAGICSHINE Rear Light – SeeMee 20 Bike Light

    Take your riding experience to the next level with our SeeMee 20, a super small, sleek and lightweight bike rear light and blinker light, ideal for road and urban cyclists. . Grab the SeeMee 20 effective bike tail light to have a safe and fun ride even in dark places or bad weather conditions.

    Our SeeMee 20 tail light with 1 constant mode, 3 brightness modes, and 2 flash modes adds safety and increases visibility to others. Made from high-quality material, this tail light is highly durable and will last a life time

    Our bicycle tail light will increase safety when riding on the busy roads with 20 lumens that will allow you to be seen from a long distance. The 180-degree lighting visibility of our light gives you all-around protection and the USB rechargeable battery makes sure you enjoy your cruise for a long time.

    Now, you can take your cycle in the rainy weather without any second thoughts, as our tail light is completely waterproof. The IPX5 water resistance rating protects against the water entering into the light. Enjoy your ride even in a rainy climate by installing this powerful tail light!

    Our SeeMee 20 tail light can be easily mounted under the saddle or on the seat post. The durable silicone ring makes it suitable for all models of cycles.


    Lumen on high/ max output20
    Lumen on low5
    Run time on high1.4
    Run time on low day21.7
    Charging time1.5-2h
    Base Mountstrap


  • $135.00

    MAGICSHINE Front Light RN 1200 Bike Light

    The RN 1200 stands out due to its high-quality workmanship and elegant surfaces. The elegant and versatile LED lamp in all-in-one design has a vertically delimiting beam and powerful 1200 lumens.

    The light beam, limited in height, ensures glare-free use. Direct charging takes place via a USB charging connection. In addition, the RN shines with its robustness and water resistance (can even be used for temporary submersion according to IPX7).

    The RN 1200 has a graduated output of 300, 600 or 1200 lumens. Supported by the scattering optics, it spreads a lateral light field with an opening angle of around 150 °. The advantage is obvious: full depth illumination of up to 130m, good lateral illumination and limited in height.

    The integrated high-light cell 21.700 with 4Ah enables lighting times of 1.5h – 6h and in flash mode up to 7h. The remaining time is indicated in color by the I / O pressure switch. Green 100%, red 20%, flashing red 10% remaining charge. Charging via the USB-C port is flexible and convenient at any available USB / mains connection. The ideal addition: The RN 1200 can also be used as a power bank via the USB-C connection!

    • Max. 1200 lumens
    • 3 light levels + 2 flash levels
    • 21,700 LI ION cells, 4.0Ah
    • USB-C socket & charging cable
    • Powerbank function
    • Mounting straps Ø25.4-35 mm + Aero
    • Housing incl. battery 107x31x31mm , 172gr
    • Garmin & GoPro assembly
    • Compatible with other brackets,
      • E.g. TTA bracket, bayonet bracket
  • $129.00

    MAGICSHINE Front Light ALLTY 1000 Bike Light

    All in one design road bike light with independent DRL(Daytime Running Light) Allty 1000 is great for commuters as well as a helmet light in a MTB setup.

    • 25 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
    • 1000 lumens max of verified output from 1x CREE XP-L V6 LED
    • 155m max beam distance, 6000CD beam intensity
    • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
    • 1.8 hours runtime on full brightness mode
    • All in one integrated design, 132 g in weight
    • Durable aluminum alloy housing
    • Power button battery indicator
    • Garmin mount with silicone straps
    • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • $80.00

    MAGICSHINE Front Light ALLTY 600 Bike Light

    Allty 600 is a small, easy to carry, lightweight bike front light, designed for casual and urban cyclists.

    • 600 lumens max of verified output
    • Small in size
    • Durable aluminum alloy housing
    • Anti Glare lens for oncoming traffic
    • Side lighting for better side visibility
    • 100 – 50 – 25% brightness modes and 2 flash modes
    • 1.5 hours on full brightness mode
    • 107g in weight
    • USB Type-C charging
    • Garmin handlebar mount with silicone strap