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  • $36.00

    Qbp Flare 70 Lumen Rear Light

    Introducing the Flare 70, a versatile and powerful rear tail light. This sleek and modern LED light offers a remarkable 70-lumen output. It can be mounted to any size seat post or seat stay. With a convenient USB-C charging port, the Flare 70 is the no-fuss solution to be seen at night on the trails.

    Mode & Runtime:

    Click switch to change modes.
    Steady (35LM/3h)
    Day Flash (70LM/4.5H)
    Night Flash (45LM/6H)

    Type-C Charging port
    Max Lumens: 70LM
    LED Types: CREE XP-E LED
    Battery capacity: 500mAh Li-Poly battery
    Charge time: 1h, Type C quick charge port
    Size: 58x33x26MM
    Weight: 38.6g

  • $20.00

    Ride Mechanic Bike Mix Endurance Lube 185mL



  • $20.00

    Ride Mechanic Bike Milk Dry Lube 185mL

    Has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow throughout moving chain parts.
    After film formation the chain stays exceptionally clean without greasy, sticky, wet residue to attract dust onto the drivetrain surfaces.
    Dry film coating means no wet residue buildup which can rub off to leave dark “grease” stains.
    Leaves a protective film on the crucially important internal contact surfaces of the chain between rollers, bushings, pins and plates.
    Employs a “RESERVOIR EFFECT” to deliver lube into moving parts as you ride.
    Perfect drivetrain lubricant for hot dusty rides (e.g. MTB) or in beach/sand conditions lasting under 4 hours.
    Mix in any ratio with BIKE CREAM (durable-wet-fluid) to make customised lubricant BIKE MIX e.g. 1:4 Bike Cream:Bike Milk for endurance MTB events.