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  • $66.00

    Ulac Neo Porter Coursierpak Bike Handlebar Bag

    The biggest of the Coursierpak family! The Coursier GT Max comes with all-waterproof materials as well as a spacious 4.2 liters volume, which will definitely fit all the cycling essentials. In addition to the capacity and the standard pockets, we have included an extra pocket on the top for quick mobile phone access. Moreover, we also integrated a set of elastic bands to store items such as a windbreaker, sunglasses or umbrella.

    On top of all, we have designed the bag in a way that you wouldn’t need a rack to support and still maintain a perfect balance while riding.

    In terms of details, we’ve also equipped the bag with a double zipper for easier, quicker access. Better yet, inside the bag, we have included a small waterproof wallet, just in case you need to store cards, coins and change to take with you.

    As always, all Coursier bags come with a complimentary karabiner for versatile applications.

  • $58.00

    Ulac Neo Porter Coursier Bike Porter Bag

    Designed for Road and MTB Racers, the Neo Porter Coursier Sprint offers 1.5L of space, which is ideal for a windbreaker, spare tube, mobile phone and other essentials.

    Like all in our Coursier Collection, the Coursier Sprint comes with front eyelets as well as a multipurpose karabiner. You can utilize the eyelets for sunglasses, bike lights, small bike locks, etc.

    Neo Porter Coursier utilizes water-resistant technical fabric and YKK zipper for all weather and road conditions. Like all our bag collections, the Neo Porter Coursier comes with 2 velcros and 1 multistrap for extra stabilization.

  • $52.00

    Ulac Neo Porter Nomadpak Touring Bike Frame Bag

    Designed for longer distance bikepacking / commute, and the larger size of the Nomadpak Family, the Touring Max offers a spacious 2.2 liter capacity. The carefully engineered bag shape will fit perfectly inside the triangle of most bikes. Like the Nomadpak tradition, on top of its 2.2 Liter, we also designed an extra magnetic pocket on the side, which offers quicker access to some of the essentials. For internal organization, we included a mesh pocket, to separate smaller items.

    For stabilization, we offer four velcros so you can decide which mounting method / position fits best according to your bicycle’s geometry.

  • $50.00

    Ulac Neo Porter Nomadpak Trekking Bike Bag

    The largest of the Trekking Top Tube Collection! Trekking Max offers a huge 1.6 liter capacity, which is perfect for most bikepacking and everyday commutes. In order to utilize the space more efficiently, we have designed two pockets on both sides especially for small essentials. What’s more, on the left pocket we added an extra multiband in case you need to store your mobile phone. This will prevent your phone from falling off while riding. For internal organization, we have included a mesh pocket.

    For stabilization, we offer three velcros so you can decide which mounting method / position fits best according to your bicycle’s geometry.

    Trekking Max features a new design with a perimeter utilizing 100% waterproof material and a weather-resistant zipper.

  • $46.00

    Ulac Radtail Neo Porter Bike Saddle

    A design more oriented to bicycle commutes and exercise, the Radtial Pro offers a decent 1.0L capacity, which is adequate for a half day ride.

    An optimal saddle bag designed to store all essentials for repairs and maintenance. Introducing the Radtail Seat Bag collection in the Neo Porter Bicycle Bag family.

    The Radtail combines both Nomadpak and Coursier design language, utilizing advanced waterproof fabric, weather resistant zipper, and eyelet placement.

    Featuring a two-eyelet design, with the rear one for the taillight, for the side one you can decide whether you would like to add an extra light for more night ride safety or simply attach smaller items such as locks.

    On the inside, we have included a mesh pocket for better organization.

  • $35.00

    ULAC Memory System 1970 Combination Lock

    Colour: Black

    The 1970 Memory Cable honors one of the greatest decades of all time. ULAC Memory Cable features patented twistable Steel Cable secures itself to any part of your bicycle from seat post, frame and handle bar. Better without the key!

    Patented Memory Cable design
    Braided steel cable with strength core offers increased cut resistance
    Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos
    Bracket free

  • $55.00

    Ulac Neo Chain Steel Kombat 7mm x 100cm

    • Includes ULAC velcro allows for easy storage
    • Heat-treated hardened steel chain (for cutting + tensile resistance)
    • Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos
    • High quality nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches
    • Transport by wrapping the chain around top tube or seat post

    Tougher version of the Street Fighter. This lock gives you nerves of steel even in the unsafest areas of your town.


    Chain Dimensions: 7mm (0.27in) chain links

    Chain Length: 100cm (39.3in)

    Weight: 1220g. / 2.68lbs (lock only)


  • $69.00

    Ulac Stockholm Super Duty Steel Shackle Lock

    Finished with ULAC specialized Silicon Overmoulded technology, the Stockholm is not just eye candy but is made of hardened steel for extra security and designed to face the toughest conditions. For extra security the lock is Sold Secure UK GOLD accredited.

    • Heat-treated hardened steel shackle with 100% full ULAC signature Silicon Overmoulding prevents scratches
    • Includes transportation bracket system for versatile carrying
    • Integrated silicon overmoulded design
    • Patented reinforced cylinder design
    • Ultra performance steel shackle resists cutting and attacks
    • High Security Abloy Keys with up to 2000 unique key combinations
    • Ideal for ultra high-theft area
    • Sold Secure, UK GOLD accredited

    Shackle Dimensions (inner): 78mm x 130mm or 3in x 5.1in

    Shackle: 14mm hardened steel shackle

    Weight: 1115g. / 2.45lbs (lock only)




  • $66.00

    Ulac Soloist Silicon Steel Shackle Lock

    The Soloist collections features 1) Soloist Combo 2) Soloist Pro 3) Soloist 4) Soloist Sport and 5) Soloist Mini, which all share the same design language but with different
    attributes and purpose. For extra security this lock (Soloist) is Sold Secure UK SILVER accredited.

    • Silicon Overmoulded Shackle
    • Designed for E-Bike (83 x 153mm shackle)
    • 12mm Heat-treated hardened steel shackle
    • Ideal for high-theft area
    • High Security Abloy Keys with up to 2000 unique key combinations
    • Sold Secure, UK SILVER accredited

    Shackle Dimensions (inner): 83mm x 153mm or 3.26in x 6.02in

    Shackle: 12mm hardened steel shackle

    Weight: 846g. / 1.86lbs (lock only)