Gift ideas for mountain bikers

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  • Original price was: $220.00.Current price is: $160.00.

    Super B Professional Bike Stand

    Quick release lever and 360˚ rotation allows the bike to be positioned at any angle.
    Tools tray.
    Wide tripod base designed for superior stability.

  • $55.00

    Ulac Neo Chain Steel Kombat 7mm x 100cm

    • Includes ULAC velcro allows for easy storage
    • Heat-treated hardened steel chain (for cutting + tensile resistance)
    • Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos
    • High quality nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches
    • Transport by wrapping the chain around top tube or seat post

    Tougher version of the Street Fighter. This lock gives you nerves of steel even in the unsafest areas of your town.


    Chain Dimensions: 7mm (0.27in) chain links

    Chain Length: 100cm (39.3in)

    Weight: 1220g. / 2.68lbs (lock only)


  • $45.00

    Ulac St Fighter Mono Chain Combo Lock

    The only 5mm chain combination lock in the Neo Chain collection. The steel chain is covered with a high quality nylon sleeve in 9 stylish colors to protect your bicycle. It can be secured onto the top tube and is great for urban riders.

    • Includes ULAC velcro allows for easy storage
    • Heat-treated hardened steel chain (for cutting + tensile resistance)
    • Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos
    • High quality nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches
    • Transport by wrapping the chain around top tube or seat post

    Chain Dimensions: 5mm (0.27in) chain links

    Chain Length: 100cm (39.3in)

    Weight: 540g. / 1.19lbs (lock only)


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    Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Guard


    Minimalistic, comfortable, ergonomic fit and uncompromised CE-certified impact protection. The Airflex knee guard Pro is an engineering masterpiece!

    The lightweight construction, single sizing, and silicone grip panels made it possible to delete the thigh strap and still keep that famous Leatt non-slip fit.

    This knee guard meets all of our design criteria. By changing over to 3D- shaped impact gel, we achieved the minimalistic slim shape, whilst still keeping the CE Impact protection.

    Once you put these on, you will see what we mean!



    • Super slim and lightweight, AirFlex impact gel protection.
    • Side and upper knee impact protection.
    • Pre-curved design for optimal fit and function.
    • Silicone printed, cupped knee grip.
    • Single sizing for a perfect fit.
    • Premium comfort using MoistureCool and AirMesh wicking fabrics.
    • All protection materials perforated for ventilation.
    • Silicone-printed, non-slip cuffs.
    • Total Leatt® protection score of 15 points.
    • CE tested and certified as impact protection: Knee EN1621-1
    • Weight: from 300g (pair)
    • Sold as a pair.
  • $4.00

    Em’s Power Cookies is an all-natural energy bar company, made in New Zealand. Low-GI and free from preservatives, colouring and other nasties, Em’s cookies, bars and bites make great snacks for athletes and busy people. The products are all developed by Emily “Em” Miazga, a nutritionist, sports dietician and adventure racer.

    Ems Bars are healthy and tasty snacks that are perfect for sports nutrition. Made from natural ingredients, they’re easy to eat and digest while under exertional stress.

    These cookie bars are a great source of fibre and a source of protein and cardio-protective healthy fats, with natural sugars and no preservatives. They ensure sustained energy release and blood sugar levels for energy that lasts.

    4 Great Flavours

    Apricot Chocolate Bar – Packed with zesty apricots, real dark chocolate, crushed almonds and dates, the Apri-Choc Attack Bar is lower in fat than the other bars and made with sunflower oil and no butter. Contains gluten.

    Chocolate Cranberry Bar has a sweet flavour thanks to its dates, cranberries, apricots, almonds, and coconut ingredients. Made with sunflower oil and no butter, this bar is moist and easy to eat.

    Oat Chocolate Bar  – This compact version of the Original Sports Cookie has 40% less brown sugar and is made with sunflower oil and no butter. Its natural sugars are derived from raisins, coconut and natural yoghurt.

    Peanut Chocolate Bar – Made with crushed peanuts and sweetened with honey and rice syrup with no added sucrose, the Peanut Chocolate Bomb is wheat-free and has only traces of dairy (from the dark chocolate).

  • $60.00

    The Occam Apex Tube Strap is light years ahead of duct tape or another homemade solution, with smart design, bombproof materials, and a Boa closure system that’ll fit any bike. Carry your extras in style!

    • Allows a slightly snugger fit than other offerings on the market  
    • The whole design is well thought out and uses quality materials 
    • Lightweight  
  • $50.00

    Top-level compact pump with universal Multi-Valve Head connection – ideal for trekking and mountain bikes – thanks to the high volume per stroke. Grip with optimum ergonomics, valve clamp lever and replaceable valve rubbers.

    Bicycle pump with integrated telescopic function

    And it made Zoom! The SKS INJEX T-ZOOM aluminum compact pump with universal MULTI VALVE valve connection impresses with its integrated telescopic function. The pump is equipped with an ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle and is easy to hold.

    With folding T-handle and switchable high-pressure stage

    Other features include the switchable high-pressure stage up to 10 bar and the clamping lever for a secure valve connection. Thanks to the 2-point pump holder, the bicycle pump can be attached under or instead of a bottle holder.

    • Ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle
    • Telescopic function
    • MULTI VALVE valve
    connection • Valve clamping lever • Switchable high-
    pressure stage
    • Including pump holder
    • Made in Germany

  • $30.00

    This slim mini tool made of metal combines the most important tools in one extremely compact package. With its 7 integrated functions you will be able to fix many breakdowns on your ride quickly. It also includes a useful neoprene bag.

    Compact and light multi-tool with 7 functions

    The slim TOM 7 mini tool made of stainless chrome vanadium tool steel combines the most important tool functions in an extremely compact design.

    The little helper for on the go

    With the 7 integrated functions such as Allen key, screwdriver and Torx key, many breakdowns on the bike can be quickly repaired. The multi-function tool can be practically stowed away in the supplied neoprene bag.

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Made of stainless chrome vanadium tool steel
    • With 7 integrated functions
    • Neoprene pouch included

  • $33.00

    Zefal Frame Bag Z Frame Pack 20

    The Z Frame Pack is a frame bag that can be attached to the rear of the top tube. It is perfect for transporting tools, a mini-pump, energy bars, a phone, wet weather clothes etc.


    LIGHTWEIGHT, RESISTANT MATERIAL – Made from a high-resistance material.
    UNIVERSAL MOUNTING – For all types of bikes. Quick and easy to fit.
    LARGE VOLUME – The Z Frame pack has a volume of 1.3L, two mesh pockets, key chain and straps for a mini-pump.
    WIDE OPENING – Better access to the content.


    WEIGHT – 125g