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  • $150.00

    Funn Pedal Funndamental with Steel Black Pins

    The best flat pedal we’ve ever made.

    The Funn Funndamental pedal is designed from the ground up to give you everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

    CNC machined from tough yet light AL6061, the Funndamental has a deep, roomy platform for maximum stability on all terrains. 11 two-way removable pins guarantee perfect grip and hassle-free maintenance. Riders can customise the Funndamental’s fit and feel using the supplied long and short pins.

    Funndamental uses our innovative GRS system for easy maintenance. GRS will keep your pedals performing at their best for years to come.


    • Tough and lightweight AL6061 body
    • Cartridge bearing and DU bushing
    • 11 two-way removable pins
    • GRS system for easy maintenance
    • Platform size: W105mm x L110mm x H17mm
    • Supplied with long and short pins, washers and tools
    • Blue / red / black / silver / green / blue / orange
    • 415g per pair
    • 7 colours
  • $200.00

    Funn Pedal Ripper with Steel Gold Pins


    Clipping in just got a lot smoother with FUNN Ripper double-sided cleat pedals!

    A Key feature of Ripper is the spring loaded Angular Engagement System which significantly improves smoothness of SPD cleat engagement action. Once the rider is clipped in, the raised platform offers great pedal feel and support. Stud installation is optional according to rider preference.

    Ripper pedals are built on a CrMo axle with sleeve bushing and cartridge bearing, capable of handling the most severe abuses and designed to be fully serviceable. Clip in and let rip with FUNN Ripper.

  • $34.00

    Shimano SH10 Fixed Cleat Red

    Red SPD-SL cleats have no float and are 100% fixed in position. This makes them great for sprinters, professional athletes, or people who value the most efficient power transfer possible and are not prone to knee pain. Note that red SPD-SL cleats require that you know your optimal cleat position precisely, and you are comfortable adjusting your cleats into that perfect position.

    Mounting Hardware included

  • $34.00

    Shimano SH12 Center Pivot Cleat Blue

    Blue SPD-SL cleats are Shimano’s newest cleat option and they exist as a middle-ground between yellow and red. Blue cleats have two degrees of float (one degree in each direction), allowing for a small range of movement while still delivering a high amount of pedaling efficiency. The float pivot point is at the front of the cleat, which eliminates lateral sliding movement while allowing a small amount of angle change from the pivot point back towards the heel.

    Mounting Hardware included

  • $34.00

    Shimano SH11 Floating Cleats Yellow

    Yellow SPD-SL cleats are perhaps the most popular among casual fitness cyclists but are used by a wide range of athletes. They’re characterized by a six-degree float range (three degrees in each direction), which allows for free movement and low joint stress. The float’s pivot point is in the center of the cleat, allowing the toes to point in a wide range of angles. This large float range also provides more room for error when setting up your cleats. If you’re new to cycling, experience knee pain, lack flexibility, or simply don’t know where to start, Shimano’s yellow cleats are your best bet.

    Mounting Hardware included



  • $65.00

    RYFE Pedals PREDATOR Sealed Bearing Nylon Composite

    BODYEngieering thermoplastic
    AXLECNC-machined Cr-Mo
    BEARINGLSL bushing, sealed
    OTHERReplaceable grip pins
  • $95.00

    Deity Pedal Deftrap

    A large, strong Nylon Fiber pedal with a feeling that will seduce your feet.

    Over the past decade, Deity has developed a reputation for designing industry-leading pedals that have created a cult-like following and have become the go-to choice for flat pedal fanatics. With the addition of the Deftrap pedal, we sought to defy the formula of quality X value by revolutionizing the expectations for nylon composite pedals.

    Built around a true concave profile that your feet sink into with our signature non-offset symmetrical platform for increased stability behind the spindle, 10 total pins (8 replaceable cr-mo pins and 2 molded pins per side), our tried and true sealed bearings and DU bushing system and top tier nylon and glass fiber composite material creates a pedal that feels unlike anything on the market. With a focus on ride quality, increased foot support, added stability, leading traction and the ability to skim over rocks all offered in 10 colour.

    The Deftrap will challenge you to rebel against the conventional perception that a value pedal cannot rival the best pedals on the market!  Welcome to the Deftrap experience.


    • All-new pedal design inspired by the world-renowned TMAC pedal
    • Injection Molded Nylon Fiber Composite Body
    • Premium Nylon Glass Fiber Composite material is 28% stronger than Nylon Composite used by most leading brands
    • Nylon Glass Fiber blend does not get hung up on rocks
    • Non-offset symmetrical design gives the rider perfect weight distribution across the pedal, creating a very stable platform through rough terrain.
    • Large 113mm L x 103mm W footprint
    • Featuring a true concave pedal body profile
    • 1.5mm of concave shape in the pedal body (per side)
    • 18mm at the center
    • Best-in-class 10 pins per side (8 replaceable steel pins, and 2 fixed nylon pins)
    • 2 sealed bearings with oversized DU bushing design is robust and reliable
    • Open channeling for optimized mud and snow shedding capabilities
    • Not the average plastic disposable pedal…the DEFTRAP Pedals are fully sealed, rebuildable, thin, and offer the same or better grip in comparison to a traditional aluminum pedal
    • Brilliant design for all genres of riding…from Trail, Enduro, Downhill, Dirt Jumping, to commuters
    • 391 grams per pair



  • $185.00

    Deity MTB Pedal Black Kat

    The BLACK KAT Pedal is the perfect blend of weight, size, performance, feel, and the durability you expect from DEITY. Built around a larger double sealed bearing system, our goal with the BLACK KAT was to create a pedal that would not only feel incredible underfoot, but would last the test of time. With an exceptionally detailed extrusion we were able to bring incredible detail to you for an amazing price!  The larger platform, thinner body and over all lighter appeal puts the BLACK KAT pedal in the perfect position to round out the best line of platform pedals on the market today.  We’ve maximized every opportunity to elevate the BLACK KAT pedals by utilizing a concave shape to the platform, rounded edges at the spindle, traction grooves throughout and we even included an additional pin kit with every purchase … these babies are a one-time purchase for the life of your pedals and our gift back to you for the investment!
    • All new BLACK KAT platform pedals
    • Extruded and CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum Pedal Body
    • 100mm x 100mm Platform
    • Concave Body
    • Deity Proprietary Extrusion
    • Fully Serviceable DU Bushing and Double Micro Sealed Bearing System
    • Intended Use: Downhill, FR/DJ, Enduro, All Mountain
    • Bead blast ano finish for durability
    • Full Ano color range available in black, red, purple, green, blue, orange and platinum
    • Allen bolt style pins
    • Additional Allen Pin kit included with purchase
    • 402 grams per set
  • $65.00

    Odyssey Grandstand V2 Pedal Alloy Dungan

    Odyssey BMX comes through with the second version of a killer product. Tom Dugan wanted a big platform pedal with a slim profile and the Odyssey Grandstand V2 pedals deliver.


    – A unique bearing configuration allows a big spindle to be paired with a slim pedal body

    – Second version of the popular Grandstand pedal

    – Uses a new cylinder type bushing system

    – Genuinely thin body (17mm at center with uninterrupted dual concave)

    – Full size 14mm heat-treated axle with 17mm wrench flats and 6mm broach

    – 8 oversized pins per side

    – 9/16” only (to suit 3-piece cranks)