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  • $79.00

    Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

    Colour: Black

    Sizes: 270mm x 165mm and 270mm x 185mm

    A fitness saddle that combines a full cut-out with air foam and a dual-density shell for comfort and support on every ride.

  • $59.00

    Bontrager Sport Women’s Bike Saddle

    Colour: Black

    Size: 275mm x 167mm

    Fitness-focused Posture 4 saddle with comfort of a cut-out design.

  • $99.00

    Bontrager Verse Short Comp Bike Saddle

    Colour: Black

    Sizes: 250mm x 145mm and 250mm x 155mm

    Our most versatile saddle gets a shorter profile for targeted comfort, perfect for riders of all genders and all disciplines.

  • $69.00

    Funn Adlib HD Saddle

    Go anywhere, ride anything, make it up as you go.

    Made in collaboration with one of the World’s leading saddle manufacturers, the Funn Adlib saddle has a tough vinyl leather outer and lightweight CrMo rails.

    Slim enough for tech but comfortable enough for big days out it’s an all-rounder that’s designed for whatever and wherever your ride takes you.


    • Vinyl leather cover
    • Crmo rails
    • Designed for DH, enduro and trail riding
    • Dimensions: L281mm x W128mm
    • Red / Orange / Blue / Black
    • 239g
  • $49.00

    A sofa for the trails.

    The Funn Launch II saddle is designed for pure comfort, whatever the distance.

    With CrMo rails and a hard-wearing PVC cover, the Launch II saddle is available in 2 colours and made in partnership with one of the world’s leading saddle manufacturers.


    • Tough but light CrMo rails
    • Hard-wearing PVC cover
    • White / Black
    • Dimensions: L275mm x W140mm
    • 350g
  • $69.00

    Built for speed. Slimline, lightweight, and skinny.

    The Funn Skinny Saddle is exactly as its name suggests. It’s slimline, lightweight and sleek. Perfect for XC racers or simply anyone that needs a lower-profile saddle. It’s the lightest saddle in the FunnMTB collection.

    It has lightweight, tough, and reliable CrMo rails and vinyl leather finish that looks great, doesn’t absorb water and shrugs off scuffs and scrapes.

    The Skinny was made in collaboration with one of the world’s finest saddle manufacturers.


    • CrMo rails
    • Vinyl leather cover
    • Dimension: L280mm x W144mm
    • Red / Orange / Blue / Black
    • 235g