BBB CombiPack S


BBB CombiPack S
  • BSB-31S EasyPack S saddlebag with velcro dual strap system
  • BTL-42S MicroFold tool with 6 functions
  • BTL-81 EasyLift tire levers 3pc/set
  • BMP-54 Windwave minipump
  • BTL-81 LeakFix repair patches
Everything you need to save you with a flat tire
This saddlebag contains everything you need, straight out of the shop. The Combipack S saddlebag contains all necessities to solve your problems on the way. The saddlebag comes with tire levers, a minitool, everything that is necessary to fix your tube and even a pump to attach to your bikeframe. The only thing you have to do is ride your bike as much as possible, and when it gets rough, we got your back!
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  • SizesS
  • Bag materialNylon, Polyester
  • Bag positionSaddle
  • Closing systemZipper
  • Light hangerYes
  • Mounting type iVelcro
  • Bag TypeSaddlebag


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