SKS Inject T-Zoom Silver


Top-level compact pump with universal Multi-Valve Head connection – ideal for trekking and mountain bikes – thanks to the high volume per stroke. Grip with optimum ergonomics, valve clamp lever and replaceable valve rubbers.

Bicycle pump with integrated telescopic function

And it made Zoom! The SKS INJEX T-ZOOM aluminum compact pump with universal MULTI VALVE valve connection impresses with its integrated telescopic function. The pump is equipped with an ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle and is easy to hold.

With folding T-handle and switchable high-pressure stage

Other features include the switchable high-pressure stage up to 10 bar and the clamping lever for a secure valve connection. Thanks to the 2-point pump holder, the bicycle pump can be attached under or instead of a bottle holder.

• Ergonomic 2-component folding T-handle
• Telescopic function
connection • Valve clamping lever • Switchable high-
pressure stage
• Including pump holder
• Made in Germany

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Valve connection:AV, SV, DV
Max. pressure:10 bar / 144 PSI
cylinder tube:aluminum


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